5 Days A Hiking

June 5, 2017

My wife Sandi and I just returned from hiking the Bruce Trail, starting at it's origin in Queenston, Ontario. We stopped just shy of Hamilton, Ontario for a total of around 120km.  We averaged about 23 km per day, starting around 10am and finishing up at a pub or winery around 4:30.  Yes, this was not a camping adventure, we prefer to pamper ourselves at night with good food, wine and a cozy bed.  That took some careful planning to figure out where we could end each day. We needed to be able to step off the Bruce Trail and have accommodation nearby since we were without a car. Sandi loves planning our itinerary and outdid herself with this one.  We stayed at some really nice b&b's and Inn's along the way and most, if not all were located right next to wineries in the heart of Southern Ontario's magnificent wine growing region. In fact the Bruce Trail goes right past many of Ontario's best vineyards so there were a few wine tastings along the way.  The weather was gorgeous through out- we've seem to have stellar luck with that as our week long hike in the Scottish highlands a year ago gave us nothing but sunshine as well. The Bruce Trail ends in Tobermory, Ontario, some 900km from the start.  We hope to cover all of it over the next few years by chipping away at it section by section.








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