Painting Set Up

August 31, 2016

I've been getting a lot of inquiries about my portable painting set up when I'm out doing small gouache and watercolour studies in my journal- sketchbook. Even though it's been a sweltering hot summer here in Southern Ontario I've managed to get out and paint a bit. This kit is nice and small and it all fits into a smallish, 20l backpack.

Here's the rundown:



  1. Backpack: Asolo Ascent. I'm guessing around 20 litres

  2. Walkstool. Although I prefer to stand most of the time it's nice to have the option to sit.

  3. Pencil case which contains: Lamy Studio fountain pen. Water brushes for brown washes when ink sketching. Mechanical pencil for a preliminary light sketch.  Kneaded eraser for correcting preliminary light sketch.          

  4. Enamel painting palette (8.5" x 12") with Velcro tape to hold onto panel. Those 5 discs in the tray are magnets that I use to keep the water bottles secure on top of the panel. Plop one into the bottle and one under the panel. 

  5. Birch panel (11" x 14"X 1/4") with Velcro tape to hold palette.  Tripod mount   screwed / epoxied underneath to mount on tripod.   

  6. MeFoto A0350 tripod. Folds up to 12" 

  7. Travel brush set (Jack Richeson series 7130)  

  8. Low stick painters tape if I'm going for clean borders. 

  9. Clamps.

  10. Winsor Newton designers gouache.

  11. Paper towel, 2 Nalgene water bottles 250ml / 8oz, Spray bottle.

  12. Winsor Newton watercolours. 

  13. Sketchbook / journal (trav•e•logue hand•book)


And here's how it looks set up: (dog is optional but highly recommended)











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