West Highland Way, Part 4

July 26, 2016



These daily writings were originally posted on my Facebook page usually on the evening of each day: 



June 4 2016

Kinlochleven to Fort William:

Day 8. Well, we did it. The West Highland Way is complete, all 154 km of it. Today's route took us climbing right out of town. A hard climb ( I didn't see that coming) by the time we had caught our breath we were right back up in the highlands with the usual vast, epic, sweeping blah, blah, blah scenery. We stayed up there for a while passing by some old stone ruins and then slowly started our decent to the port town of Fort William.  The scenery changed dramatically to massive clear cut wasteland and then further down into beautiful, mossy pine forest finally giving way to the town infrastructure.  
A fantastic trip, weather was phenomenal, never had a drop of rain in 8 days of walking the Scottish highlands. I'm sure very few people can make that claim. 


In the town of Kinlochleven.

The morning climb out of town.

Back up in the heelands.

Selfie set up.

Selfie. A little far away but we did'nt feel like wading through the stream to get closer.

 That's Ben Nevis, UK's highest mountain.

 Descending down through pine forests.

Town of Fort William. There's a World Cup Mountain biking race going on this weekend.

The official end of the West Highland Way. We had stopped off at our B&B along the way in town and changed out of hiking gear.















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