West Highland Way, Part 1

July 25, 2016




These daily writings were originally posted on my Facebook page usually on the evening of each day: 



May 28, 2016

Milngavie to Dryman 19 km 


First day of the West Highland Way. Weather cooperated and stayed dry with the sunshine making an appearance by mid afternoon. Stunning countryside.

Lots of hikers today, Saturday is a popular day to start, things started to spread out as the day went along


Our one purchase. The trail goes right by the Glengoyne distillery so of course when in Scotland one must sample the local flavour. A wee flask for when weather turns cold and damp


Sandi up ahead.



May 29, 2016

Drymen to Rowardennan 25km


Day 2 in the books. 25km of Scottish beauty. From a cool, misty morning to glorious blue sky in the afternoon. Our hike today was quite varied. We climbed a hill (more like a mountain), hiked through forests covered with Bluebells, and hiked along the shores of Loch Lomond. Lots of up and down. Apparently, today was nothing though, it gets steeper. 


On the way to Conic Hill. You can see the trail wind its way up the hill in the distance.​

Looking down behind us you get a sense of the scale and beauty of the landscape.

The top of Conic Hill and the cloud starts to break up. That's Loch Lomond in the distance.


After Conic Hill we're into forest.

English Bluebells everywhere.


A tranquil Loch Lomond. My feet took a dunk to cool off. 

And this is what keeps you going. Every long, hilly kilometer takes you one step closer to this.


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