Scottish Conquest

May 19, 2016


So Sandi and I are off on a hiking adventure. A week of rugged, treacherous backpacking over the wilds of the Scottish highlands.  With only a pack on our backs and a ration of salt pork and biscuits we’ll blaze a 154km trail from Milngavie to Fort William with the steely determination of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. 

Well… not quite.  We will have (day)packs on our backs but our suitcases will be transported en route from one town to another.  And while there might be biscuits in the backpack, I doubt any salt pork will find its way in. We’re staying in an assortment of warm, cozy B&B’s along the way making sure to sample the local cheer.

The “hiking” is probably better described as walking but the days are long, especially if a second pint is consumed at lunch.

It’s the West Highland Way and here we come rain or shine, probably mostly rain.


I’ll be back to write up on this adventure upon returning.


For now here’s a nerdy “what’s in my bag” pic complete with gear captions:


  1. Sketchbook / journal (trav•e•logue hand•book)

  2. Copic Multiliners (black) 0.3 / 0.5  Faber-Castell brush pen (black)and water brush with mid grey ink

  3. FujiFilm X100T (My favourite camera)

  4. Garmin Oregon 600 GPS (so we don’t get lost)

  5. Compass (if technology fails- see above)

  6. Fuel (modern day salt pork)

  7. Head lamp (Black Diamond Spot)

  8. Duct tape

  9. Tripod (Joby Gorillapod)

  10. Hiking poles (Leke)

  11. First aid kit (stuffed with blister band aids- see duct tape)

  12. Map

  13. Rain pants (Marmot PreCip)

  14. Rain jacket (Marmot Minimalist)

  15. Hiking boots (Oboz Bridger BDry)

  16. Waterproof dry sacks (Mec)

  17. Backpack (Osprey Kestrel 48l)

  18. Gaiters (Outdoor Research- (last minute purchase after hearing long range forecast)




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