Mickey: A salute to the one eyed scrapper.

April 18, 2016



As feisty a cat as you’ll ever encounter. Whether tangling with a Volvo XCountry wagon ( didn’t go too well for Mickey) or staking his territory in the neighbourhood  (probably lost his eye in that one) Mickey was a confident, slim tabby who lived his life his way, preferably outside and with attitude.


Didn’t care for doctors– he once shredded the arms of an over confident vet who commented afterwards that Mickey “had moves he’d never seen”.  Probably due to the broken hip he suffered at a young age due to that Volvo wagon encounter. 


He tormented the birds, bunnies and small rodents of our street, not to mention his dog housemate Soda, who loved Mickey to the end regardless of his hisses and swats to the nose.  


Mickey also had his tender side. He was always accepting of people affection and had more than one house on the street where he considered home, in fact our house wasn't his original home on the street.


Mickey finally used up his ninth life this past Saturday, we don’t know what exactly got him, a large dog or possibly a coyote but he managed to limp home to bid us farewell.


It was a cat life well lived, rest in peace Mickey.




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