Good Friday Goodness

March 26, 2016


“Finished” and with that Sandi closed the cover on the 832 pages of Eleanor Catton’s The Luminaries. I started the book but never got past a third of it, never really committed and that was my downfall – too much stopping and starting.


“Lets go for a hike.”


We had discussed a hike for today, our new found hobby, something which we’ve been doing regularly for the past 3 or 4 weekends.  I had been getting quite comfortable on the couch while Sandi read and was starting to settle and list to one side. It was a cold, slate gray kind of day outside and with the recent winter ice storm that had just passed by the other day I was thinking the trails might be too slippery.  Sandi was having none of my excuses and before I knew it we were in the car heading west.  25 minutes later we were hiking through the most magical, sugar coated landscape.  The freezing rain had been heavy in this area and had frosted everything with a thick coat of tinkering glass.


It was a great 2 hour hike punctuated every now and then by the sun bursting through the clouds and setting everything a glow.  The trails were slushy, snowy and muddy but the footing was fine especially since we were wearing icers on our boots, what was more concerning was getting clocked on the head by falling ice which was constantly raining down all around us – we survived without incident.


Definitely a memorable hike that was almost missed by a heavy dose of couch surfing.




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